Making My Own Korean Food

I love Korean food. Like…a lot. But I thought it would be good to actually try making some for myself. Of course, I wasn’t going to start my Korean-food making by myself. A food informed me of a Korean cooking class through the YMCA (yes, there are YMCAs in Korea).

After recruiting some friends, we signed up to make Galbi, which is marinated beef. We were super excited to learn. We weren’t, however, prepared for getting lost on the way.

Apparently, we were foolish in just thinking that there was one YMCA in our Korean city. Thankfully, we arrived at the wrong location early and had enough time to hop back on the subway and get to the correct location right on time.

The class was being led by two little old Korean ladies, accompanied by one younger Korean lady who was there to translate for us. The teachers were so nice and seemed very excited to cook with us.

Here is the thing: there was no recipe. They had the ingredients already measured out for us to use. We cooked up the beef, throwing in sugar and water and soy sauce and some other ingredients (I think there was garlic?) but there was absolutely no mention of the amounts. After the beef was mostly cooked, we added in chopped bell peppers, onions, green onions, and more that cooked down a bit. Finally, we added in uncooked glass noodles. They softened up in the hot liquids.

I got to say that this was a delicious meal. We made enough for four people (but finished it with only two). I just wish we could have had a physical recipe so that I could recreate it in the future. Oh well. I guess I will just have to use trial and error until I find the perfect recipe.


Goodbye and happy eating!



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