Too Cute to Eat

I had the fortune of visiting Seoul recently. Though I live in a city in South Korea, Seoul is by far the biggest and has the most stuff to do. So my friends and I visit fairly frequently. On one particular trip, we decided to stop at the Hello Kitty Cafe AKA the cutest cafe I had ever seen.

There are actually a couple different Hello Kitty cafes. This one was located in Hongdae, a trendy neighborhood around Hongik University. With how many businesses there are in such a small space, most shop and cafe take up a very small space. The Hello Kitty Cafe, however, had a big, metal gate that opened onto stone steps that led to a courtyard. The cafe itself was inside what might have been an old house or artist’s studio.

Now, the outside was cool. The inside, however, was as saccharine cute as I thought (and hoped) it would be. Every single thing was a shade of pink. Hello Kitty, her silhouette, or even her signature bow were on every surface. We picked a table near the windows so we could see all of the cuteness inside the store and still look out onto the courtyard.

Now, onto the food and drinks.

20170504_201729This isn’t all mine. I swear. I ordered the Chocochino (not a mocha?) on the left. To be honest, I’m not actually sure what the other drinks were. All I remember is that all three beverages were so sweet, I could feel them giving me cavities.

To go along with our liquid sugar, we ordered the strawberry cake. It was actually more of a strawberry mouse on top of a very good vanilla cake. We enjoyed it so much that we didn’t immediately realize that we were slowly eating her face (onto just a bit traumatic for elementary school me).


Everything about this place was cute, inviting, and fun and I hope to return sometime in the future. Even if you aren’t a huge Hello Kitty fan, it is still a good place to go to escape the busy Hongdae streets if you are in the area.

Goodbye and happy eating,


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